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Improve market reach

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Benefit all stakeholders

patient choice

Support patient choice

Enabling greater choice and access for patients

Reach, powered by STI delivers innovative solutions to help patients gain access to your brand(s) across the entire product lifecycle, from pre-launch to loss of exclusivity through enhanced market access and patient engagement.

By instantly reaching millions of Canadian patients, we can bring innovative drugs to market, build mature brand share, and reduce erosion post-patent loss.

We provide peace of mind that our experience and expertise in healthcare and technology will work for you. To date, we’ve delivered thousands of successful patient-centric programs.

improve patient access

Improving patient access to your brand through financial reimbursement

Any healthcare professional involved in the prescribing of medications or medical devices can tell you that financial assistance provided to patients opens up a world of possibilities for new prescribing opportunities, while also improving adherence rates. Reach, powered by STI delivers card-based programs that make it easy for patients to benefit from intelligent financial reimbursement, simply and without added steps in the patient journey.

Benefiting all stakeholders: patients, prescribers, payers, and pharmacy

Reach, powered by STI delivers custom programs that provide a unique benefit to the patient, from single-use samples to multi-use patient benefit or patient choice programs. Our cards are universally recognized and accepted, empowering patients to have their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy of their choice.

Cards coordinate seamlessly with existing drug coverage, leveraging existing pharmacy workflow for added simplicity. Healthcare professionals can rest easy knowing their patient will receive the therapy prescribed in a controlled, coordinated, and professional manner.

patient choice

Supporting patient choice

Reach, powered by STI is the leader in patient choice programs in Canada, with the success of its flagship product, innoviCares. The innoviCares card offers many benefits, including those that cover up to the difference between a brand-name medication and its generic alternatives on participating brands.

More than 1.5 million Canadians now use innoviCares for smart prescription savings to support their choice and access to over 100 brand-name medications across multiple therapies.

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