speed to therapy


access and adherence

Access and adherence

technology and reporting

Technology and reporting

We step up the patient journey

Assist, powered by STI, goes beyond traditional patient assistance and support services to help patients and healthcare professionals access your products with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and empathy. Get more comprehensive services and a seamless, integrated path to expand patient access to your product, all while gaining actionable insights to improve the patient journey.

speed to therapy

Accelerating Speed to Therapy

Assist, powered by STI moves patients more quickly and easily from prescription to therapy in just a few online steps through a secure, scalable portal, which leverages STI’s proprietary patient management portal technology.

No twists and turns, no uphill climb against the traditional endless forms and paperwork. We offer varied programs that bridge current processes with our innovative technology: Health Centre Model, HCP-Centric Model, or Patient Self-Enrolment model.

This is the better way for you, and for your patients.

patient management portal

Our Patient Management Portal makes it easy

Our user-friendly portal allows multiple users (patient advocates like HCPs, patients, or social workers) to access and view a patient’s file, while eliminating steps and providing real-time qualification of financial assistance and adherence reporting.

Improving Access and Adherence

Assist, powered by STI delivers the best in high-tech solutions and a personalized experience to help you improve patient access and adherence for your products through an innovative approach. We offer an array of tools to help support the patient throughout their journey including:

  • Reimbursement navigation
  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Pharmacy and nursing services
  • Adherence supports
  • Infusion Clinic Reimbursement Services
  • Innovative card services for other PSP vendors

Tailor a program to the business needs of your brand while meeting the needs of your patients through our individualized, customizable program.

technology and reporting

Providing Technology and Reporting

Assist, powered by STI drives innovation through its connected technology platform, data integration, mobile applications, real-time reporting, and dashboard analytics. We enable tracking to understand patient behaviour, measure and improve adherence rates, take action based on information, make instant changes to coverage, improve efficiencies, and ultimately improve the patient’s program experience.

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Our other solutions

We offer full-service solutions for all your business needs.

Enhanced patient access and engagement, through intelligent reimbursement solutions.

New depths in patient data and insight, at your fingertips.