Helping pharmaceutical companies connect their medicines to patients who need them.

Bringing research-based medicines to market is certainly not easy. Here are just a few obstacles in today's Canadian pharmaceutical landscape:

  • It still takes $1 billion and 10 years to bring a new drug to market.
  • Of new drugs being invented, 63% are specialty medications.
  • It can take more than 12 months to get coverage on public plans.

Reimbursement solutions across the product lifecycle

We know what it takes to bring a new drug to market and our innovative solutions help patients gain access to your medication over the drug lifecycle, including after the loss of patent. By instantly reaching hundreds of thousands of Canadian patients, we can bring innovative drugs to market, build mature brand share or reduce erosion post patent loss. We provide peace of mind that our experience and expertise in health care and technology will work for you. We have delivered thousands of patient-centric programs to date. Here are the types of solutions we build for many of the leading pharma companies in Canada.

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Over 1 million Canadians benefit each year.


When an STI card is used for 12 months:

  • 29% more patients stay on therapy.
  • On average, greater than 80% Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) is achieved and maintained.
  • Patients receive 67 more days of therapy on average per year.


  • Over 20,000 patients helped every day.
  • Over 50,000 physicians use STI cards.
  • 99% of Canadian pharmacies process STI programs each year.


We support the health-care system by delivering financial reimbursement, patient management and patient engagement solutions that improve health outcomes.


Our programs are designed to leverage standard pharmacy workflow and acknowledge the importance of the pharmacist in the patient’s circle of care.


We partner with Canada's top pharmaceutical companies to execute flexible reimbursement solutions to help them reach their targets and engage patients in their health.


Any health-care professional involved in the prescribing of medications or medical devices can benefit significantly from STI programs.