Our Story

For patients, through technology

STI Technologies Limited is a healthcare technology company that manages patient support programs. We improve access to medications by leveraging available reimbursement funding and innovative technology to engage patients in their own healthcare.

STI has grown and evolved since its beginnings in card-based samples, distributed by physicians and redeemed at pharmacies.

The belief that pharmacists play an integral role in a patient’s overall healthcare was embodied in thousands of card programs ranging from sampling and trial-based solutions to full-service patient assistance and patient choice programs that align with the continuity of care, all while giving patients greater access and choice to the medications they’ve been prescribed.

Our Quadruple Aim approach benefits key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical value chain, with services addressing the needs of patients, pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians and pharmacies alike.

In 2012, we launched our flagship program, innoviCares, which has since helped more than 1.5 million Canadians take better control of their health and wellness. The free prescription savings card covers more than 100 medications and healthcare products, and has expanded to include coverage on healthcare services like counselling, weight management programs, and optical products.

We stepped up the patient journey in 2016 with the launch of assist, powered by STI – a new patient assistance model with fewer steps and better technology to reduce time to therapy, increase patient adherence, and improve the patient’s experience.

Through technology and with patients at the heart of our innovations, we proudly support the Canadian healthcare system by delivering intelligent financial reimbursement, patient engagement and patient management solutions to help support positive health outcomes.

The Value of STI Cards to the Canadian Healthcare System

STI card programs are more than a vehicle for prescription reimbursement. They support the healthcare system to improve health outcomes for Canadian patients through:

  • STI card programs provide optimal choice to physicians and patients by reducing or eliminating financial barriers to medication access
  • STI card holders can go to any pharmacy of their choice

When STI cards were used for 12 months, patients achieved and maintained and average Medication Possession Ratio >80% which is considered optimal and a positive indicator of patient adherence*

  • Involves the patient’s community pharmacist
  • Leverages the existing quality-controlled trade stock at pharmacy
  • Ensures proper labelling
  • Ensures completeness of patient drug profiles at pharmacy
  • Allows checks for drug-drug interactions
  • Promotes and aligns with the continuity of care model
  • Public and private drug plans are rules-based and pay according to their drug plan design and defined benefit list. Using an STI card does not impact what a plan pays
  • STI understands that pharmacy has coordination of benefits agreements in place with public and private plans and recognizes that they need to align with Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) guidelines
  • STI patient choice cards can reduce the need for plans to use and pay for no-substitution policies

Protection of Patient Privacy

STI respects privacy concerns and takes the protection of information very seriously. STI has a privacy officer and governance policies in place that evaluate and ensure that STI complies with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), all Canadian federal privacy laws, for example, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and all provincial privacy laws, for example, the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) in Ontario and “An Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector” in Québec.


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