If you’re a Canadian patient, there’s a good chance you’ve used and benefited from an STI Technologies program.

Perhaps you didn’t realize it was an STI program, as our programs and their related cards are often branded for the drug or medical device you’ve been prescribed.

You can expect your STI card to be accepted by your Canadian pharmacy, and you can rest easy knowing that we take the protection of your information seriously, abiding by all provincial and federal privacy regulations.

Ask your health-care professional if there are any STI Technologies programs for the medications and devices you are using.

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We support the health-care system by delivering financial reimbursement, patient management and patient engagement solutions that improve health outcomes.


Our programs are designed to leverage standard pharmacy workflow and acknowledge the importance of the pharmacist in the patient’s circle of care.


We partner with Canada's top pharmaceutical companies to execute flexible reimbursement solutions to help them reach their targets and engage patients in their health.


Any health-care professional involved in the prescribing of medications or medical devices can benefit significantly from STI programs.