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InnoviCares provides free payment assistance on more than 100 brand-name medications and healthcare products

The innoviCares card can be used with an existing drug plan (private or public) or on its own. InnoviCares works like any other drug insurance card, and will pay a portion of the cost* of participating medications instantly at the point of purchase at any pharmacy in Canada.

When a patient registers his or her card for free at, they gain access to additional perks including electronic tools like refill reminders, email updates, and exclusive offers on other healthcare products like eyeglasses and counselling.

InnoviCares is funded by the participating pharmaceutical manufacturers and was the first card to coordinate multiple manufacturers and their products on a single, agnostic, patient-focused program.

What’s covered?

A full list of participating products can be found online. Availability may vary by province, and benefits are subject to change or end over time at the manufacturer’s discretion.


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